Jets Fans Believe They Uncovered Disgruntled WR Elijah Moore’s Burner Account

The New York Jets are 5-2 but they have a disgruntled player in wide receiver Elijah Moore, who requested a trade out of New York last week due to the lack of targets he’s been getting this season.

Saleh said the Jets won’t grant Moore’s trade request and Moore was inactive during Sunday’s 16-9 win over the Broncos, a decision that was made by Jets head coach Robert Saleh, who said:

“To ask him to play a football game with where he is from a mental standpoint wouldn’t be fair to him, in my opinion, but that’s strictly my decision.”

Moore not being on the field gave him plenty of free time to say.. create a burner account and defend himself vigorously over the pushback he’s been getting over the trade request?

That’s exactly what Jets fans believe and they believed they’ve uncovered the burner account:


The NFL trade deadline is Nov. 1 and all indications remain that Moore will be with the team.