Deshaun Watson Releases Text Messages Showing Latest Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit Is False

Deshaun Watson is fighting back against the latest lawsuit that was filed against him.

Rusty Hardin, the attorney representing the Cleveland Browns quarterback, has asked a judge to sanction a lawyer who recently filed a lawsuit against Watson on behalf of a women who claimed sexual misconduct during a massage session.

“This is a false lawsuit and we are asking for sanctions,” Attorney Rusty Hardin said. “The lawsuit is a complete sham.”

Hardin released a screenshot of text messages from the accusers showing it was the accuser who offered Watson oral sex. Watson claims that this woman sent more than 35 messages to him during an interview with his counsel in 2021:


Watson’s legal team feel like the text messages prove that the accuser was “desperate to have relations with Watson” and they were sent after the alleged incident at the Houston hotel.

“The documents (the woman) provided reflect that for nearly a year after their massage session together, (the woman) sent more than 35 messages to Mr. Watson-none of which were answered by Mr. Watson,” Hardin states.

Watson’s team also feel that the claimant should be penalized for filing a ‘sham lawsuit’.

This is the 26th case filed against Deshaun Watson over sexual misconduct.

Meanwhile, Watson is eligible to return to the Cleveland Browns on Nov. 14.