Brett Favre Accused Of Illegally Using Welfare Funds On Concussion Cream That Led To Death Of Half-Dozen Dogs

Brett Favre has recently come under fire for his role in the embezzlement of millions of dollars form Mississippi’s welfare funds. In a case that has taken multiple twists and turns, Favre has bene primarily accused of illegally obtaining a transfer of at least $5 million to build a new volleyball stadium at the University of Southern Mississippi while his daughter was playing volleyball there.

But there’s apparently more to the story now as Favre is now in the middle of using some of that illegally obtained welfare funds to push a controversial product. The former Green Bay Packers quarterback had actively promoted the product PreVPro, who claimed to be a cream that treated concussions.

According to Front Office Sports, pharmaceutical company Prevacus received a total of $2.2 million in Mississippi state welfare funds for the development of this product. The funds came directly from Mississippi Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funds. 

What makes matters worse is the animal cruelty that went into making this cream. NFL insider A.J. Perez mentioned just how the company was looting the needy while also killing harmless dogs in the process:


Thousands of dollars of the TANF funds were diverted from Prevacus’ original concussion treatment to develop the PreVPro cream. However, it was never actually produced in mass quantities to be sold to the public, in spite of multiple animal experiments that led to the deaths of at least a half-dozen dogs.”

Meanwhile, Favre has claimed that he has been “unjustly smeared” in the media, saying he didn’t know the funds he obtained came from funds designated to help people of welfare in the state of Mississippi despite the fact that there is evidence that points to the contrary.