National Federation Of Blind Calls Out Jerry Jones For ‘Harmful’ Blind Ref Halloween Costume

The National Federation of the Blind called out Jerry Jones’ over his Halloween costume.

The Dallas Cowboys owner decided to use Halloween to poke fun at NFL referees and dressed up like a blind referee, wearing a ref shirt, large sunglasses and a white cane.

According to TMZ Sports, National Federation of the Blind Director of Public Relations Chris Danielsen called it “unfortunate” that Jones implied blind people are “incompetent,” adding: “When anyone perpetuates that stereotype, it’s harmful.”

He could have been subject to punishment by the league for criticizing officials, but the NFL decided against disciplining him, per TMZ Sports.


Danielsen adds that Jones should consider the fact that he has blind fans: “He does have blind Cowboys fans. They show up at games and put on headsets or listen on the radio. It may be something for him to think about.”