REPORT: Dan Snyder Would ‘Never’ Sell Washington Commanders To Jeff Bezos

If you’re a Washington Commanders fan wishing Jeff Bezos purchases the team from Dan Snyder, I suggest you not get your hopes up.

Following the news that Snyder had hired Bank of America to explore selling the Commanders franchise, news broke that Jeff Bezos was already considering making an offer along side hip-hop mogul Jay-Z.

But in his latest “Football Morning in America” column, Peter King of NBC Sports shared something major that he heard from a source: That Snyder wouldn’t sell the team to Bezos, who also owns The Washington Post newspaper:

And, re: the hot candidate to buy the team, billionaire Jeff Bezos, I also heard this from a reliable executive well-versed on ownership matters: “It’ll never happen. Dan Snyder detests The Washington Post. No way he’d sell to the owner of that paper.’”

Forbes recently valued the Commanders at $5.6 billion, the sixth-highest franchise behind on the Dallas Cowboys ($8B), New England Patriots ($6.4B), Los Angeles Rams ($6.2B), New York Giants ($6B) and Chicago Bears $5.8B.


The expectation is the franchise will sell for $7 billion, making it the largest purchase of a sports franchise in American history.