Because Odell Beckham Took 2021 Salary In Bitcoin, He’s Now PAID $200k To Play Last Season

With the bitcoin hype train full steam ahead last year, multiple NFL players opted to convert entire salaries to bitcoin in hopes of them cashing in exponentially on their already massive deals.

Among those players was Odell Beckham Jr, who opted to take his 2021 contract in Bitcoin after signing with the Rams for $750,000.

At the time, one coin was worth upwards of $60k, but after the recent collapse of the crypto market, the money from Beckham’s contract has not only disappeared, with taxes factored it, it’s in the red.

Yes, Odell Beckham paid to play in the NFL last year, and if Beckham were to cash on his Bitcoin, it would have cost him nearly $200k.


Beckham, currently a free-agent and looking to join a contender in the midst of a season, is holding onto his Bitcoins in hopes of it returning some of the lost money.