Jeff Saturday Responds To Bill Cowher Calling His Hiring As Colts Head Coach “A Disgrace”

One of the biggest critics of the hiring on Jeff Saturday by the Indianapolis Colts was former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach and CBS NFL Sunday analyst Bill Cowher.

Cowher called the hiring a “disgrace to the coaching profession.”

Jeff Saturday responded to Cowher’s comments in an interview with NBC Sports’ Peter King:

“I respect his opinion, you know? Here’s the thing. God is my defender, man. I don’t have to defend myself. I am absolutely comfortable in who I am. I respect all those guys. Whoever has whatever negative opinion, I can assure you, it’s not gonna change who I am or what I believe I’m called to do. I have no idea, and I still don’t, how successful I’ll be, but we’re gonna work hard at it and I believe I can lead men and lead the staff. I’m excited about the opportunity.”

Saturday led the Colts to a 25-20 win over the Las Vegas Raiders in his first game as the Colts coach.

Saturday’s only previous head coaching experience came at the high school level. He was coach of the Hebron Christian Academy high school club in Dacula, Georgia from 2017 to 2019. Saturday was working as an analyst for ESPN before Irsay hired him.