Jalen Ramsey Calls Out LeBron James For Always Lying During ‘TNF In The Shop’ Telecast

Regardless how you feel about Jalen Ramsey, one thing is for sure.. he’s never been shy of speaking his mind and that’s exactly what he did during the alternate telecast of Thursday Night Football.

During ‘TNF in The Shop’, LeBron James made a reference to Ramsey’s head coach Sean McVay, who James joked must be “looking at his playbook on Madden.” As Ramsey looked on, James was talking about how he uses Ramsey as a QB spy in the video game and Ramsey quickly chimed in bringing up the fact that James ash been called out for lying a lot recently:

A few weeks ago, people on Twitter called about James when he made a comment about listening to Migos in 2010 despite the fact that the group had dropped their first album in 2011: