Ford Field Fans Boo Thanksgiving Halftime Show After It’s Shown Only On Video Board & Not On Field

The NFL has been battling the ever present temptation for fans to stay at home, save hundreds of dollars and time in traffic, and watch its games from the comfort of a living room couch – and this certainly won’t help.

Thanksgiving Day games are special in the NFL, and to help make it more special, the league puts on a halftime show for fans, with Bebe Rexha kicking off the slate at the half of Bills-Lions in Detroit. Except, it was basically for everyone at home and not those who paid good money to be there.

During the performance, boos could be heard, and we realized that was the case when it was revealed that unlike previous years, the performance was not only the field, but on a makeshift stage set up on a terrace that wasn’t viewable by fans in their seats, and could only be watched on the video board.