Former NFL QB DeShone Kizer Says Aaron Rodgers Asked Him About 9/11 Conspiracy During First Meeting

DeShone Kizer spent the majority of his career as a journeymen backup which included one season as the backup to Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay in 2018.

During a recent interview with Adam Breneman, Kizer revealed that his first interaction with Rodgers was very odd.

“He shut the door, and the first thing that came out of Aaron Rodgers’ mouth was ‘Do you believe in 9/11?'” Kizer told Breneman about meeting Rodgers for the first time. “What, do I believe in 9/11? Yeah, why wouldn’t I?”

Here’s more from Kizer on the interaction:


“He was like ‘You should read up on that,’ and then we just start learning up about the playbook, and I was like ‘wow I don’t know where this is going.’ What it ended up being was a thought experiment where he wanted me to go back and look into some of the conspiracies around it. We really bonded over that and started sharing some books, and we started talking about some other things. Some history, some business, some finance.”

Rodgers has never been afraid of making outlandish statements, he recently credited Ayahuasca plant, a form of psychedelic found in South America, to his ability to win back-to-back MVPs in his 30s.