CBS Cameras Caught Jerry Jeudy Going Crazy On Field And Bumping Official For Not Getting A Call

It’s been a frustrating season for the Denver Broncos and Jerry Jeudy.

The frustration continued on Sunday as the team nearly pulled out a 27-0 comeback against the Kansas City Chiefs only to lose in heartbreaking fashion, 34-28.

At the end of the first half, Jerry Jeudy was caught storming off the field when he removed his helmet and went off on the officials. Things got so intense that Jeudy even bumped the referee for not giving him the call.

Somehow, Jeudy wasn’t flagged for this but best believe he will be getting fined:


Jeudy was a catalyst for the Broncos comeback, hauling in 8 catches for 73 yards and three touchdowns. But it wasn’t enough as the Chiefs held on for a 34-28 victory.