Tennessee State Staffer Attacks Team’s Running Back With Car And Ketchup Over ‘Intimate Relationship’

Ok, this story is wild.

A Tennessee State football team staffer used her vehicle to ram into the car of the team’s running back Devon Starling while he was sitting in it with his girlfriend as the two were returning home.

According to TMZ Sports, Ariel Escobar, Tennessee State’s director of football operations, waited in her car outside Starling’s apartment as he was arriving home with his girlfriend. Upon his arrival, Escobar followed him and proceed to block him into a spot. The Tigers running back alleges that Escobar then rammed her vehicle into his car while he and his girlfriend were still in it.

Police say she told them she did block them in with her car and said she wanted Starling to confess to his girlfriend that he had “had a sexual relationship” with her the day before:


Cops say the 22-year-old staffer also admitted to throwing ketchup and scratching Starling’s apartment door as well.

Court records show Escobar has been charged with 2 felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of misdemeanor vandalism. She’s scheduled to appear in court in January. Escobar is in her 2nd year as TSU’s director of football operations and on-campus recruiting.

Following the news of the incident, Tennessee State released this statement:

TSU officials said in a statement the school “is aware of an arrest of an employee, and takes the allegations associated with the incident seriously.”

They added, “TSU is unable to comment on specific personnel matters or matters potentially implicating student privacy laws. We will have no further comment at this time.”