LeSean McCoy Rips Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott, Calls Him “A–” Live On-Air

Shady McCoy did not hold back.

The former Philadelphia Eagles running back was on Fox Sports 1’s “Speak” yesterday and had to get something off his chest.

McCoy began telling the panel that he couldn’t wait to get back to discuss Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. He, then proceeded to take off his watch and straight up called Prescott “ass” like on-air.

The debate got a little heated being him and David Helman, who’s also a Cowboys fan as McCoy placed all the blame of the Cowboys 40-34 loss to the Jags on Dak’s shoulder.

Nonetheless, McCoy really didn’t give any real input on why Dak is to blame for ALL of the Cowboys issues, he just rambled about how Prescott is an average quarterback.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys and Eagles are set to meet on Saturday in Dallas.