Referees Screwed Michigan Out Of Touchdown During Fiesta Bowl vs TCU

Michigan got screwed.

During Saturday’s College Football Playoff semifinal between the Wolverines and TCU Hornfrogs, the Wolverines fell behind 14-0 early. But the tide looked to be changing after Michigan got a big interception which was followed up with J.J. McCarthy hitting Roman Wilson for a 50-yard touchdown.

But then the referees reviewed the big play and ruled that Wilson was just short of the goal line. But the replay booth decided to take a closer look at things, and somehow they came up with enough evidence to determine that Wilson caught the ball and went down just before the end zone:

What made it even worse was what happened on the next play when the Wolverines fumbled.


If Michigan goes on to lose this game, you can bet their fans will look to this call as a major factor that costs them a spot in the National Championship.