TCU Clinches Title Game Birth After Targeting No-Call On Final Play Where Refs Chose To Basically Ignore The Rules

TCU and Michigan faced off Saturday night in the Fiesta Bowl that will go down as perhaps one of the greatest bowl games in history, even with the countless officiating blunders from start to finish – and by finish, we mean on the very last play.

With their season on the line, Michigan needed to convert a fourth down only to botch the snap and attempt multiple laterals, eventually getting stopped short by an objectively illegal tackle by a TCU player.

The play went to review for targeting, which was chosen not to be enforced on that play, giving TCU the turnover on downs. Even it would have been granted to the Wolverines, that would have had only 25 seconds to make their way down the rest of the field for a touchdown.

Ultimately, the Horn Frogs snuck out of Glendale with a controversial, yet deserved National Championship game berth.