The Washington Commanders Somehow Did Not Know They Were On Brink Of Elimination Sunday

It sounds like a broken record at this point, but the Washington Commanders stoop to embarrassing new lows seemingly every other week, and this week was no other.

The Commanders came into Sunday with their playoff hopes still alive, but needing some help. Typically, NFL teams involve such pertinent information in their preparation for the upcoming game, but somehow, SOMEHOW, the Commanders were unaware of their path to the playoffs.

Head coach Ron Rivera was visibly confused during his postgame press conference when asked by a reporter about their Week 18 game citing that they could be eliminated based on the results from a game in the second slate, Rivera seemingly unaware of the circumstances.

Washington would lose their game to the Browns 24-10 and did not receive any help in the second late, ultimately getting eliminated.


Utterly astonishing team from a billion dollar cooperation to be this inept.