Washington Commanders Unveil Their New Mascot ‘Major Tuddy’, And It’s Slightly Horrifying

We’re not sure if this is awful or just the stigma of anything the Washington Commanders do being an atrocity, so we’ll leave that to you.

The Commanders, who went through a rebrand process that took years going from The Redskins to the Football Team and finally The Commanders, finally revealed their mascot at Sunday’s game against the Browns, where they trotted out an overweight pig wearing an army helment and a freaky, permanent smile.

The pig depiction draws inspiration from the ‘HOGS’ nickname being berthed from Washington’s famed offensive line 40 years ago that helped the organization to three Super Bowl wins. Ironically, the members of that team threatened legal action against team owner Dan Synder if he used Hog imagery.

According to the team, ‘Major Tuddy’ as he’s been named loves go-go music and Mambo Sauce wings.


As expected, Major Tuddy was made fun of after his introduction.