REPORT: NFL Didn’t Make Decision To Suspend Game, But Rather By Coaches & Players Who Refused To Play

After Damar Hamlin went down with an injury that left him requiring CPR during Monday Night Football, the league gave players five minutes to warm-up in preparation to continue play after a ambulance containing the Bills safety left the field en route to the hospital.

Logic combined with emotion quickly took over and coaches and players spoke with referees and league officials to suspend the game and take their respective teams to the locker room in order to try their get their head right.

With the status of Hamlin’s life still in limbo, there was understandably no chance any compartmentalizing would happen in the span of minutes, much less hours or even days, and around an hour later where fans were wondering why the game hadn’t been called yet, it was eventually announced that the remainder of the game would be cancelled for the night.

Reported by David Shuster, that decision surprisingly did not come from the NFL league office, but rather the players and coaches who refused to retake the field.