Shannon Sharpe Skipped ‘Undisputed’ After Skip Bayless’ Tone-Deaf Damar Hamlin Tweet

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless bicker constantly, and while that’s is somewhat exactly the point of shows like First-Take and Undisputed, things seemed to get real Tuesday when Shannon was absent from their daily episode, which we now know was due to the tweet Skip sent out Monday night.

During the time when Damar Hamlin was being transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center following a cardiac arrest that nearly killed him on the field, Bayless sent out the following tweet, which while logically valid, was about the most tone deaf thing you could put out with nobody worrying about when they would reschedule the game, but rather is Hamlin’s heart was beating or not.

Bayless was asked by FOX Sports executives to clarify the tweet after immediate blowback from athletes, members of the media, celebrities, and fans.

According to TMZ, Shannon skipped the show as retaliation for Skip’s tweet. Bayless gave an apology at the start of the show Tuesday.