NFL Fined Jamaal Williams More For 2 Hip Trusts Than Quay Walker For Shoving An Athletic Trainer

The NFL has a few instances a year where their issued fines make absolutely zero sense, and we have our latest example.

During the Packers-Lions Week 18 game, Detroit RB Jamaal Williams followed up a score with two celebratory hip thrusts, which earned him an $18,566. Mind you, no flag was thrown on the play. Later in the same game, Green Bay’s Quay Walker was ejected for shoving a Lions athletic trainer who was running to attend an injured player. He was only fined a mere $13,261.

Now, the devil’s advocate argument here would be William’s being fined for previously doing the same thing, but that’s negated by Walker being ejected and fined for literally doing the same thing when he shoved another team’s staffer earlier this season – a objectively far worse instance of a double offense.

The league opted not to suspend Walker.