Bettor Loses $1.4 Million After Placing Bet On Chargers While They Were Up 27-0 On Jaguars

The Bills are playing the battered Miami Dolphins in Buffalo’s 30 Degree weather with Josh Allen going against a third string rookie QB… and somehow the lock of Wildcard Weekend seemed as if it were the Chargers up nearly 30 points on the Jaguars who seemed to throw an interception every time they dropped back.

After three first quarter interceptions from Trevor Lawrence and Los Angeles jumping out to a 27-point lead, one bettor decided to place a live in-game bet for $1.4 million that would pay out $11k if the Chargers hung on – and the rest is history.

The bet would have paid out a mere $11k.

Perhaps if you have $1.4M to throw at a bet, it’s most likely not the end of the world for you.