Josh Allen Addresses The Insane Damar Hamlin ‘Body Double’ Conspiracy Theory

Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac on the field last month in Cincinnati and the scary injury sparked a lot of wild conspiracy theories centered around the COVID-19 vaccine.

Once Hamlin survived and was released from the hospital, many thought the wild theories would stop but it only got worse on Sunday when Hamlin made an appearance at the Bengals-Bills AFC Divisional Round Game. Hamlin didn’t speak to the media, but he responded to the fans’ warm welcome by making his signature heart-gesture, as he was shown on the Jumbotron in the suite.

The player’s decision to cover up his face with sun shades, a scarf and a hood fueled baseless narratives claiming that Hamlin is still in hospital or even has died, and that the person seen in the stadium is a body double and that the NFL is covering up some hidden “truth.”

Hamlin was trending the entire day and the wild theories got so outrageous that DAMAR HAMLIN, himself, had to respond on Twitter:


The Bills superstar quarterback was even asked about the theory on his weekly appearance on the Kyle Brandt’s podcast:

People have legitimately lost their minds.