Shannon Sharpe Gets Pissed At Guy Randomly Recording Him While He Walked Through Airport

Shannon Sharpe is a pretty cordial guy when seen in public and has no problem stopping and taking a picture with a fan, but it’s clear he doesn’t like fans that point a phone at him and just record him randomly.

The Hall of Fame tight end turned FOX Sports personality was simply making his way through an airport when he sawn a man recording him.

Sharpe looks at the man recording and says, Bruh, really?”

Guy responds with, “yeah.”

“Why,?” Sharpe replies.

“Why not? the guy fires back as Sharpe walks off in disbelief.

Here’s the full video:

In the meantime, Sharpe is dealing with former NFL QB Brett Favre filing a defamation lawsuit against him. The suits allege that Pat McAfee and Sharpe each used the media to further false accusations and implications regarding Favre.

Sharpe has not responded to the lawsuit as of yet.