Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs Sued For $250K By Landlord Over Unpaid Rent And Property Damage

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs is being sued by former landlord for up to $250,000 for failing to pay rent among other things, according to the Dallas’ WFAA.

The landlord, who’s named Rose Marie Yadegar, reportedly filed the lawsuit in Denton County back in December of 2022, three months after she said Diggs signed a lease for a property with a monthly rent of $5,500. Yadegar alleges that Diggs paid a timely payment only in the first month of the lease and vacated the property in July in lieu of an eviction.

Between unpaid rent and late payments, Yadegar claims that Diggs owes her $33,500, plus the final two months and $11,000 of the lease.

Additionally, she reportedly says Diggs left the property in a state that required $3,400 in repairs, $531 in deep cleaning for carpets and $2,500 in legal costs for the eviction process. The terms of the lease allegedly have Diggs on the hook for her attorney’s fees.


Diggs’ attorney, Scott Becker, reportedly filed a response denying Yadegar’s claims and demanding proof.

Claiming that the dispute stems from “some misunderstanding or miscommunication,” Becker said some acquaintances appeared to have taken advantage of Diggs:

“He thought this matter was completely resolved,” Becker said. “So to have this situation arise out of the blue was a bit of a shock to him.”

Becker said Diggs is working to work this out and solve the problem and that he’s not trying to be difficult.

“We certainly feel badly for her if that’s the case that there’s damage to the property,” he said. “My client didn’t cause that damage, and we look forward to working it out with her… You become a target for things, and that may be happening here.”

Diggs, a two-time Pro Bowler, is coming off his third season in the NFL with the Cowboys.