Chiefs Super-Fan Who Was Arrested For Robbing A Bank Has Cut Off His Leg Monitor And Is On The Run

The story of Kansas City Chiefs super-fan, ChiefsAholic, just keeps getting crazier.

Xavier Michael Babudar, known by his nickname “ChiefsAholic” was arrested last December for allegedly robbing a bank while armed in Bixby, Oklahoma. His bail was set at $200,000.

Michael Lloyd, who’s Babudar’s Bondsman, told Bro Bible’s Benedetto Vitale that Babudar has cut of his leg monitor and has been on the run from authorities since Saturday and at this time, it’s currently unknown where Babudar is:



“Babudar cut off his leg monitor at approximately 8:30 P.M. on Saturday, March 25. So I’ve been hunting after him since then.”

Vitale then asked Lloyd if there were any potential leads on Babudar’s whereabouts. Vitale explained that Babudar is “close” with his mother and brother, but those two left Tulsa “left Tulsa about two hours before Babudar even cut off his leg monitor.”

News On 6 reported on Monday that a bond warrant worth $1 million has since been issued for Babudar.

Back in February, Babudar made headlines when it was reported that he wanted to be released early so he could watch the Chiefs play the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 57. Lloyd stated that “officials were adamant he could not attend”, and that a hotel in Tulsa was the only place where he could stay after being released from jail.

The Chiefs went on to defeat the Eagles 38-35 in a last-second thriller, with Harrison Butker kicking a late game-winning field goal. The win marked Kansas City’s second Super Bowl championship in four seasons.

Per a Bixby Police Dept. report, Babudar has brown hair and hazel-colored eyes. Lloyd is asking for anyone with information to contact him at 918-636-5946.