Saints WR Michael Thomas Gets Random Drug Test After Posting Himself Deadlifting 530 Pounds

Michael Thomas deadlifted 530 pounds while recovering from toe surgery and that raised some eyebrows with the NFL to the point where he was ‘randomly’ selected for a drug test.

Thomas shared a video to his Instagram on Monday that showed him deadlifting 530 pounds. The video went viral because of not just how much Thomas was deadlifting, but also because it indicated the wide receiver seemed to be healthy after dealing with injuries.

The NFL even promoted the clip of Thomas lifting weights:

Moments later, Thomas shared the NFL’s letter to him saying he’s been selected for the test. “Michael, this is Gary on behalf of the NFL,” the message read. “You have been selected for an off-season PES (performance Enhancing Substance) urine test tomorrow morning. Please contact me ASAP to set up a meeting.”

He added the caption, “Feds did a sweep,” calling out the NFL for being nosy:

After three games of the 2022-23 season, Thomas suffered a season-ending foot injury. Thomas got surgery in November to mend a dislocating joint injury to the wideout’s right toe. 

Thomas has played in 10 games since 2020. The 30-year-old logged the most receiving yards by a wideout in 2019 with 1,725. Thomas will get his shot at a resurgence with former Raiders QB Derek Carr now under center in New Orleans.