Will Levis Will Not Attend Day 2 Of NFL Draft After Sliding Out Of First Round

There always seems to be one guy who despite being projected high, slides down the draft board during the NFL Draft, and unfortunately for Will Levis, he was that dude Thursday night.

The Kentucky QB was slated to go in the first round by almost everyone, with some even projecting him going No. 2 overall. With The Texans drafting CJ Stroud and the Colts taking Anthony Richardson one pick ahead of the Seahawks, whom many felt wanted the Florida Gators’ signal caller, it became apparent that there weren’t very many teams like in need of a QB, and Levis spent the remainder of his night on a green room couch.

Ironically enough, when asked at his Pro Day whether he would attend the draft in person, Levis responded with, “I’m looking forward to going, but I don’t want to go if I could be like a second-round pick. Don’t want to have the camera just on you all day.”

Levis was then proceeded to be shown on screen by ESPN cameras THIRTY TWO times, over twenty more times than the next prospect.

To avoid any more potential embarrassment, Levis has announced he will not attend Day 2 of the draft, despite Levis projected to go high in the second round. Of course, we now know these are projections we can’t exactly trust.