Colts Owner Jim Irsay Considering Drafting Will Levis Tonight Despite Already Taking Anthony Richardson

Leave it to Jim Irsay to crowd source ideas for which players to pick on Twitter during the NFL Draft.

The wildcard owner of the Indianapolis Colts tweeted Friday asking fans if the team should take Will Levis with the second pick in the second round despite taking Anthony Richardson with the No. 4 overall pick last night.

With the percentage of quarterback prospects who pan out to be franchise QBs in the NFL being so low, the idea of taking two quarterbacks to increase the odds of hitting on one has been floated for years, but rarely ever acted on.

One would think that if the Colts were so high on Richardson to take him with the fourth overall pick, they would be completely content with having their QB of the future, but perhaps the mere 13 career starts does plant a seed of doubt in the Colts front office.

What may be more concerning than the Colts already wavering on their pick is that Irsay put Levis’ name in the same sentence as Vince Young and Joe Montana.