REPORT: Falcons Nearly Pulled Off A Blockbuster Trade With Cardinals For QB Kyler Murray

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is set to miss an extended period of the 2023-24 season but its’ being reported that he was nearly traded ahead of the NFL Draft.

According to Action Network’s Simon Hunter, the Atlanta Falcons wanted to add two quarterbacks for 2023, including Murray. Ryan Tannehill was identified as the other one, but both moves are understood to have fallen through because the money couldn’t be worked out.

Speaking on his The Favorites podcast, Hunter claimed that the Falcons were keen on trading their No. 8 overall pick, with the Tenessee Titans, as well as the Cardinals, interested. Both teams are reported to have offered their starting quarterbacks.

“There was a ton of drama going on behind the scenes,” Hunter insisted. “Atlanta was going to trade for [Ryan] Tannehill. That was a real thing. Tennessee was going to give Tannehill to Atlanta. They were going to move up to the eighth spot. They couldn’t work out the money.

“The same thing happened with Kyler Murray and Atlanta. Apparently, there was a deal in place for the Cardinals and Atlanta. They were going to send Kyler Murray to Atlanta for draft picks and they were going to take some money on. It didn’t work out, obviously.”

The Cardinals had the third overall pick of the draft, which makes this even more intriguing. If Hunter is to be believed, Arizona could have had some serious plans for the first round. They ended up trading their No. 3 to the Houston Texans while the Falcons took running back Bijan Robinson at No. 8.