Chargers Release 2023 Schedule In Anime Form & It May Be The Greatest Video To Ever Grace The Internet

It’s been a growing tradition for NFL team to release their upcoming schedules in a creative, unique way rather than just throwing up the schedule in a social media post, and after resounding applause to the anime-themed video last year, the Los Angeles Chargers have done it again, and done it even better.

Some of the Eater eggs that went into the video are hilarious. For instance, while announcing their game against the division rival Raiders, a casino ticket contains a QR code that when scanned, takes you to a landing page that asks if you are a Chargers fan or a Raiders fan. If you click Raiders, you get directed to a Google search of ‘how to get a job.’

Now if only the team they put on the field was as good as the team they have running their content.