NFL Announces 2025 NFL Draft Will Be Held At Lambeau Field In Green Bay

A few years ago, the NFL Draft and Radio City Music Hall were synonymous as the event would take place in the iconic New York City location each spring.

The league then decided to bring back having the Draft in other cities outside of New York, sharing that experience will their passionate fan bases.

In 2015 and 2016 the NFL hosted the draft in Chicago, after that bringing it to Dallas, Philadelphia and most recently Kansas City. After continued resounding success and massive crowds, the league has announced the draft will be held in Green Bay, Wisconsin come 2025.

Known for its rich football tradition and unwavering fan base, eagerly prepares to host this prestigious event, marking a significant milestone for the city and its passionate football community.


Lambeau Field, the iconic home of the Green Bay Packers, will be the location names are read and dreams come true two years from now. The stadium’s historic significance adds an extra layer of nostalgia and grandeur to the proceedings. Football fans from across the nation make their way to Green Bay, eager to witness the unveiling of the next generation of football stars in this legendary setting.

Beyond the draft itself, Green Bay fully embraces its role as the host city. Downtown bustles with football-themed activities and vibrant celebrations, catering to fans of all ages. Local businesses thrive as visitors immerse themselves in Green Bay’s unique charm, indulging in delicious food and reveling in the warm hospitality that defines the city.

The 2025 NFL Draft in Green Bay will forever be etched in football history. It will stand as a testament to the city’s enduring football legacy and its unyielding love for the sport. As the next generation of NFL stars embark on their professional journeys, they will carry with them the cherished memories of their draft day in Green Bay, where dreams converged, connections were forged, and the spirit of football reached new heights.