Jets Assistant Coach Taken To Hospital After Getting Hurt During Joint Practice Fight Between Jets & Bucs

New York Jets senior defensive assistant and cornerbacks coach Tony Oden was taken to the hospital after being carted off the field during Wednesday’s practice, according to Jets coach Robert Saleh.

Oden reportedly caught some “friendly fire” during one of the many fights between the Jets and Buccaneers in their joint practice in Flroham Park, NJ.

“He’s doing fine. I’m not exactly sure what happened,” Saleh said. “I know it was during one of the altercations. I think he caught some friendly fire. He’s awake, he’s doing fine, he’s stable.”

Here’s video footage of the fight:


Jets cornerback Brandin Echols was in the middle of the fight that resulted in Oden being knocked to the ground.

Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans, who is entering his 10th season in the NFL, told reporters that Wednesday’s practice featured the most fights he’s ever seen at a joint practice.

Hopefully Oden is okay.

He is entering his third season with the New York Jets.