Colts ‘Wild’ Demand From Dolphins In Jonathan Taylor Trade Request Included Jaylen Waddle

The Indianapolis Colts couldn’t find a trade partner for Jonathan Taylor by their self-imposed Tuesday deadline and the All-Pro running back remains in Indy.

Part of the reason why the Colts couldn’t string together a trade was because they reportedly asked for a “wild” return from the team that was heavily engaged in the trade talks.

According to Stephen Holder of ESPN, the Colts were asking for a package back for Taylor that included Jaylen Waddle:

That’s pretty surprising because it’s clear the Indianapolis Colts don’t value Taylor enough to give him a long term extension but in trade talks seem to value him so much that they wanted a package in return that included Jaylen Waddle and draft picks.


Waddle, 24, has had 1,000 yard seasons during his first two years in the league since becoming the Dolphins sixth overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The former Crimson Tide is one of the league’s biggest young stars.