A Poll Reveals Jacksonville Residents Would Rather Have The Jaguars Leave The City Than Tax Dollars Fund Stadium

An eye-popping survey revealed some interesting results in regards to the Jacksonville Jaguars and their stadium.

According to Timothy Gibbons of the Jacksonville Business Journal, a poll conducted by the University of North Florida revealed that more than half of the city’s residents would “prefer the city sell EverBank Stadium and the surrounding land” rather than using “city money to play for stadium renovations.”

Only 6% of Jacksonville residents that were polled said the city should give $1 billion in public money to the Jaguars for renovations. Selling the stadium to the team and letting the team pay for the renovations itself was the more popular decision – garnering 51% of those who responded.

Roughly a third support spending up to $500 million. But 47% said no to spending $1 billion, even if it means losing the team while 46% said the city should spend the $1 billion if the alternative to renovation is relocation.


Over the last five years, there has been heavy chatter of the NFL expanding across the pond and into Europe. The team that has been mentioned to make the move is the Jacksonville Jaguars.