Bears Fan Gets Brutally Knocked Out During Fight At Solider Field During Loss vs Vikings

Fights at NFL games this season have become very out of control. Things have gotten so bad, that we saw a Patriots fan killed after getting knocked out at a Dolphins-Patriots game earlier this season.

On Sunday, the inexcusable behavior continued at Solider Field when a bunch of Chicago Bears fans were involved in a brawl that left one guy knocked out and other guy having his stomped on.

Here’s the clip that was shared by Austin Bjes on Twitter/X:

I don’t know how you stop this kind of stuff. When people get liquored up and they are frustrated watching their favorite team(s), you can expect tempers to flare. Maybe stadium’s start having more police officers in the stadium or enhance stadium security.


Either way, this is clearly becoming a problem across the country and it may lead to people avoiding going to games.