Brady Quinn Gets Into It With Deshaun Watson’s Trainer On Twitter Over Watson’s Injury

Deshaun Watson remains the most polarizing quarterbacks and based on his past, everyone can understand why.

On Tuesday, Watson was at the center of a back-and-forth on Twitter between former NFL quarterback turned FOX Sports analyst Brady Quinn and Watson’s personal coach, Quincy Avery.

Quinn had questioned the severity of Watson’s injury, saying:

“Everyone with a medical opinion has cleared Deshaun Watson. The situation is almost similar to a kid getting a $230 million trust fund. You ask them to get a job and they have no incentive to do it.”

This didn’t sit well with Avery who took to Twitter to call out Quinn:


Rather than brush it off, Quinn responded and a brutal exchange began:

Quinn then took it to another level by bringing up Watson’s sexual assault allegations:

Avery wasn’t impressed:

It’s been a rough start in Cleveland for Watson, who saw the Browns mortgage their entire their future by trading for him and then shockingly gave him a full guaranteed five-year, $230 million contract.

Watson’s 2023 season has been a rocky one as he’s looked like a shell of himself throughout the season and now has an injury impacting him.

Watson and the Browns will travel to Seattle and take on the Seahawks on Sunday at 4:25 p.m.