Dan Patrick Shares Story Of How He Told OJ Simpson To His Face That He Killed Two People

During an appearance on “Calm Down with Erin and Charissa”, longtime radio host Dan Patrick shared an insane story about an interview he had with former NFL running back O.J. Simpson.

Patrick said during an interview years ago with Simpson that was mainly about USC football, O.J. asked him a chilling question when the cameras were off.

“Do you think I did it?” O.J. asked Patrick in reference to the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

“I interviewed OJ Simpson. I made a terrible mistake. And we just talked football and USC and all those things. And we were changing tapes,” Patrick said. “So I did like 30 minutes and then we stopped. We’re just sitting next to each other, like four feet apart, and he goes, ‘You think I did it?’ I go, ‘Did what?’ I wanted him to say it. So I said, ‘Did what?’ He goes, ‘Kill those two people.’ I said, ‘Yes.'”


Here’s the full clip: