NFL Suspended The Cameraman Who Tyreek Hill Took Phone From For Backflip Celebration For The Entire Season

No Fun League strikes yet again.

Kevin Fitzgibbons took up his passion for photography and videography in high school and got his big break when Baker Mayfield posted his edit on his Instagram, receiving over 1 million views.

In 2020, while in Miami, he messaged Tyreek Hill to see if he could film one of his workouts for free in order to make a complementary edit for the WR.

After forming a connection with Hill, he networked with other NFL players, he applied to work for the league, becoming a credentialed photographer and videographer for the Miami Dolphins.


Earlier this season, the Dolphins WR went viral for taking a media member’s phone and doing a backflip with it. That media member happened to be Kevin

Despite the league posting the video to one of their social media channels, Hill was flagged and fined for the act, but even worse – Kevin had his credentials suspended from the league for the rest of the season – possibly longer.