Aaron Rodgers Gets Job As Jets Ticket Sales Rep While Rehabbing Injury

The New York Jets opened the 21-day window for Aaron Rodgers to return from injured reserve Wednesday, 79 days after he tore his achilles during his debut for the Jets in Week 1 vs the Buffalo Bills.

Rodgers is not quite ready to get back on the field yet but he’s still finding ways to get more fans in seats at MetLife Stadium ahead of the Jets week 13 game against the Atlanta Falcons.

In a video shared by the Jets’ social media team, Rodgers was spotted working as a ticket sales rep for the Jets, answering phone calls and servicing ticket requests for fans.

Imagine being a Jets fan and having Aaron Rodgers answer the phone? How could you not buy a ticket.


The Jets enter Week 13 with a 4-7 record, so they need to run the table if they want to make the playoffs. They would also need to get a few more wins for Rodgers to return to the field.

Kickoff for Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons will be at 1 p.m. ET.