REPORT: Roger Goodell Wants ‘Tush Push’ Made Famous By Eagles Banned ‘Permanently’

Each NFL offseason, the competition committee meets to discuss rules, roster regulations, technology, game-day operations and player protection in effort to maintain competitive balance and consistency throughout the league.

This year, the hot topic will be the ‘Tush Push’ an offensive play started by the Eagles where a QB sneak up to middle is aided by multiple players literally pushing the QB past the down marker.

The play has become practically unstoppable for the Eagles and been the go-to for teams around the league in short yardage situations.

The play is so much of a cheat code, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is reportedly looking to have the play banned moving forward.


The play has been legal since 2005, when the NFL removed league in the rule book prohibiting offensive players pushing other offensive players during a play.

The biggest argument against the play is that the goal line or short yardage plays plays end up looking like a messy rugby scrum and takes away any play design with more imagination, but the counter arguments may be stronger, such as players not getting injured during these plays at any higher of a rate.

Bleacher Report

Per Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press, chairman of the NFL’s competition committee Rich McKay revealed that the league had previously discussed the implementation of the play.

“Last year, we did talk about it a lot,” McKay explained in an Oct. interview. “There were enough teams to say it’s one year, let’s see it and leave it alone. So we did, and I’m sure it’ll be back again. But I just don’t want to get in the business of predicting, because I really don’t know what the outcome will be. I do know it will be talked about.”