CJ Stroud Pulls Inspiration From Druski When Discussing His Altercation With Broncos LB (VIDEO)

C.J. Stroud was involved in a skirmish with Denver Bronocos linebacker Alex Singleton during the Broncos’ 22-17 win on Sunday.

Stroud managed to do enough to not get penalized while also getting the Broncos linebacker flagged. A very veteran move by a rookie who’s been great this year.

After the game, Stroud was asked about the altercation, as the rookie quarterback didn’t back down from Singleton, whatsoever. Stroud surprisingly pulled a quote from a popular YouTuber and comedian, Druski, to explain his thought process on the play.

“I’m not gonna let someone just come and push me, especially in my house. Like Druski said, I’m gonna stand on business.”


The Texans (7-5) picked up the big win and kept themselves right in the thick of the AFC Wild Card race. They will travel to MetLife Stadium next Sunday to take on the New York Jets at 1 p.m. eastern time.