NY Radio Host Says Robert Saleh “Doesn’t Like” Zach Wilson, Leaks Text Messages

The New York Jets are still a laughing stock organization and the latest situation involving Robert Saleh, Zach Wilson and a New York radio shot proves it.

Joe Benigno, a legendary New York radio host that still makes weakly appearances in WFAN, revealed that Jets coach Robert Saleh doesn’t like quarterback Zach Wilson based on text messages that he exchanges with the Jets head coach on a weekly basis.

“I can tell you right now, he [Saleh] don’t like Zach,” Benigno said on Evan & Tiki. “He don’t like Zach.”

Here’s the full clip:


On Tuesday morning, Benigno called back onto WFAN to clarify his comments, saying he “misinterpreted” Saleh’s text:

At the end of the day, regardless if Benigno misinterpreted Saleh’s text or not, why is Robert Saleh discussing roster decisions with a radio host and why would Robert Saleh continue having a relationship with Benigno after he leaked text messages about a private conversation?

The Jets are a huge mess.