Arthur Smith And Dennis Allen Have Heated Postgame Exchange After Falcons-Saints Game

The Atlanta Falcons were officially eliminated from playoff contention in a 48-17 blowout loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. With the game decided late in the 4ht quarter, the Saints added insult to injury when Jamaal Williams punched in a touchdown with just over a minute left to extend the lead form 41-17 to 48-17.

This didn’t well with Arthur Smith, who was not a fan of the Saints running up the score and he let New Orleans head coach Dennis Allen know about it immediately after the game.

The Saints were supposed to take a knee according to Allen, but the players went rogue and ran a play anyway. Allen started his postgame press conference by apologizing to Smith:

Smith’s outburst could end up being the final moment we see him as the Falcons head coach as Atlanta is expected to re-evaulate their football operations after the game. The Falcons have finished with a 7-10 record during all three years of his tenure and these results have been especially frustrating for fans given that the NFC South has been mediocre these past two seasons.