Jeans Company Accuse Browns Of Copying Their Commercial For Schedule Release Video

The Cleveland Browns released a video of their 2024 schedule in hopes of getting their fans excited and hyped up for the upcoming season. While it may have accomplished that, it also might have gotten them in trouble.

Mugsy Jeans, a jeans company, called out the Browns for copying a commercial they did a year ago using legendary bowler Pete Weber.  Cael Schwartz of Mugsy calling out the Brown via social media.

Schwartz shared a side-by-side video of their commercial along with the Browns schedule release video:

Schwartz says the company won’t seek legal action against the Browns, rather are asking the National Football League to buy one million Pais of their Mugsy jeans.


Highly unlikely that happens.

“Did the Browns just steal our commercial? That’s not very nice,” the company wrote on Thursday. “We knew you were bad at football, but you’re bad at marketing too?! Yikes.”

Neither the Browns or the NFL have responded to Mugsy claims.