REPORT: NFL Is ‘Evaluating’ Paris And Dublin For Games On International Schedule

The National Football League hasn’t been shy of expressing their interest in expanding their International Series.

According to the Associated Press’ Ken Maguire, the NFL is doing it’s due dillgence on two more European cities – Paris, France and Dublin, Ireland – and the work is underway to survey the necessary infrastructure. \

“There’s a feasibility study, as we would call it, in a number of different European cities and Dublin is one of those,” Hodgson said. “Looking at the stadiums, taking local meetings … we’ll take away all of that information, digest it and determine what the next steps are.

“That’s something that’s happening in Dublin, it’s happening in Paris for example, and a number of other cities around the world as well.”


Last December, the NFL announced it would have Brazil host it’s first regular season game and NBC Sports Peter King wrote about the International Series expansion, saying “Spain and Brazil in the next two years, Paris in 2025 or beyond and Dublin at some point soon.”

It’s obvious why the NFL would want to play a game in Paris as it’s one of the most famous cities in the world. It’s also hosted some marquee sporting events including the 2016 Euro Cup and will be hosting 2024 Summer Olympics this July.

Dublin is also a major staging ground, including for American football. The Aer Lingus College Football Classic has become a regular feature on the college football calendar, with Georgia Tech and Florida State making the trip this fall.

It’s clear the NFL has a vision of playing games all over the world and isn’t shying away from their interest in doing so.