NFL Fans Notice A Typo With Chiefs Super Bowl LVIII Championship Rings


The Kansas City Chiefs received their Super Bowl LVIII championship rings on Thursday night and while the rings are absolutely stunning, many fans noticed one hiccup with them.

The ring features a grand total of 14.8 carats between the 529 diamonds and 38 rubies and also pays tribute to a bunch of achievements the Chiefs accomplished during their championship run.

The top opens up to unveil a diagram of the game-winning play called “Tom and Jerry” as well as a miniature field that is customized for each person to reflect the number of times they’ve won a Lombardi Trophy with the Chiefs. The interior features their signature along with a list of opponents the Chiefs beat during their postseason run.


That’s where the mistake comes in as fans noticed the seeding for the Miami Dolphins is incorrect. The Dolphins, who the Chiefs beat in the AFC Wild Card Game were the 6th seed but the ring has them listed as the 7th seed.

It’s probably not a big deal and the Chiefs will most likely not even bother correcting the error considering it’s on the inside of the ring. Nonetheless, it’s surprising to see a team that has already created Super Bowl rings in recent history make a blunder like this.

The Chiefs are set to start their quest for a three-peat against the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday, Sept. 5th in a rematch of the AFC Championship Game.