CeeDee Lamb And Cole Beasley Exchange Jabs On Twitter Over Criticism Of Lamb’s Offseason Training

CeeDee Lamb is accustomed to criticism after having all the eyes on him as a former first-round draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys.

Despite having a season where he was first-team All-Pro in 2023, Lamb still faces judgment, even when it’s during the offseason and while it’s mostly obnoxious Cowboys fans that are passing judgement, on Friday, it was a former Cowboy. Former NFL wide receiver Cole Beasley, who played in Dallas from 2012-18, took an unnecessary jab at the star playmaker’s preparation ahead of the 2024 NFL season.

Lamb, whose holdout is expected to continue into training camp as he seeks a deal similar to the league’s highest-paid wide receiver Justin Jefferson, is working on his explosiveness as he awaits a new contract.

In response to a clip posted on Twitter/X of Lamb working at Alkeme Sports, Beasley chimed in on the drills saying “Man, just do some heavy squads and power cleans…”


Now, Beasley does have some room to talk, he was a second-team All-Pro wide receiver in 2020 as a member of the Buffalo Bills, but he’s no CeeDee Lamb and when fans pointed that out, Beasley gave a salty response, essentially downplaying Lamb’s greatness.

“Is Cole really trying to tell CeeDee how to train? Beasley has literally never eclipsed 1k yards. Lamb is averaging 1,286 yards a year and 599 yards short of Cole in 4 years vs 11,” a fan responded.

Beasley then responded by saying if he had as many targets as Lamb received in Dallas, he would put up similar numbers.

Lamb got wind of Beasley’s saltiness and decided to respond, rightfully pointing out that he probably doesn’t need 180 targets to eclipse 1,000 yards and invited Beasley to come train with him.

“I don’t need 180 targets to touch a band. Pull up tape, I’d match you route for route on getting open. Just Chill.”

Beasley responded by backtracking.