Madden 20 Updated Greg Olsen’s Likeness And It Still Looks Nothing Like Him

EA Sports gotta do better.

Last week, EA Sports released Madden NFL 20 and while the game play has somewhat improved, the game is still filled with massive glitches that will drive you crazy.

In addition, EA Sports did a pretty bad job with some players’ likenesses.

The one that stuck out the most was Carolina Panthers TE Greg Olsen, who looked nothing like what the game had portrayed him as.

Due to the uproar from social media, EA Sports took another swing at it and lets just say, they missed.. AGAIN:

Olsen was asked about this by and actually blamed himself for this:

“A couple years ago down at the Pro Bowl they (EA Sports) were doing head scans and I guess I didn’t do it. For whatever reason, I was tied up with something else and didn’t do it. Since then they never asked me to do it again.”