NFL Fans Are Pissed ESPN Is Using Yellow In The MNF Down-And-Distance Graphic

Last season many people criticized ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcasting crew of Joe Tessitore, Booger McFarland and Jason Witten.

Fans in the stadium were angry about the “Booger Mobile” that blocked many and view. Meanwhile, Witten struggled so much in the broadcast booth that he bounced after one season and returned to the Cowboys.

This year, fans are pissed at ESPN over their graphic presentation.

The Worldwide Leader in Sports rolled out a new graphic package for the Siants-Texans game, including a new scoreboard. yet, the scoreboard graphic is confusing a lot of people because the down-and-distance graphic is yellow and it makes people think there’s a flag thrown on every play.

Luckily, ESPN has heard the complaints and are already prepared to make changes. Unfortunately, that can’t be done until next week: