Seattle Seahawks Finish The Season With Not A Single Rush Yard In The 10 Yard Line

You’d think after losing a Super Bowl they would learn.

Almost three years ago the Seahawks infamously made arguably the biggest play call blunder in NFL history, electing to throw the ball at the goal line instead of hand it off to one of the best running backs in football, Marshawn Lynch. The pass would go on the be intercepted by Malcolm Butler, sealing a Super Bowl win XLIX for the Patriots.

The Seahawks will not get that far this season, failing to reach the playoffs. One stat from the season may show a key reason as to why.

Seattle finished the 2017-2018 season with exactly zero rushing yards in the red zone. Yes, you read that right. Zero.

Here’s a breakdown of the players with the highest rushes, all negated by negative rushes inside the 10 yard line.


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